Your account will be deleted if you’re not using your real name on it.

Wow. Seriously? What the hell does facebook CARE if we are using real names or not? That’s so ridiculous. Nicknames are a thing that happen and…

I know. Facebook is a pile of shit. I should deactivate mine. I type on it a lot, even though I shouldn’t. I’m generally even embarrassed to give it out to people I don’t know. I also didn’t want to use my real name, I hate my real name. I’m “TheNightStar” as far as i’m concerned… (or old variations of which that I can’t change retroactively now).

But I do use Facebook to whine and rant and talk about things that bother me, almost relentlessly.. and I probably would have done that, regardless of what my stupid name on it was.

Furthermore, I hate this perception that everyone just holds that anonymity on the internet, instantly profiles you as a douche or an asshole, when it’s actually all down to whether that PERSON is an asshole themselves, that determines how they conduct themselves or use anonymity as the excuse… the very same excuse that Facebook is using to vilify people for, just for going by their online handle, rather than their real name.

Especially for some people who want to be associated with a brand, not as their mundane, boring as shit name. I mean it’s just a name, like, who cares? I could call myself “Goodtime Funbag McSnozzle” for all it would matter when it came down to what I come to the internet for, and what I use the internet for.

But yeah, quite ironic that for a site who wants to make people use their individual names, they don’t seem very interested in treating them like individual people.

Youtube’s content ID is unbelievably terrible and completely out of control. I actually got Content ID matches for nearly every single 8-bit mix i’ve put on Youtube, matching them to the original song.. even though.. it’s not actually the song. It is a completely redone instrumentation and cover done by me.

Now, I’m not MAD or anything, because it’s just matching and nowhere is it blocking my video, or giving me a strike.. (can’t monetize, but shit, I wasn’t going to do that, anyway)… but it’s just the fact that it’s matching things that shouldn’t be matched because it’s not actually THE song, that has me somewhat annoyed.

How is it even matching it? It’s a completely redone instrumental cover. There’s no way that it should be able to tell what MP3 or whatever, it’s originally based on. So… we have incredibly next-level, very high-technology that can recognize something on THIS level… and instead of putting it to use for a better, more worthwhile cause, we’re wasting technology like this on bullshit, and inherently flawed copyright laws that aren’t even accurately defined or established to serve any meaningful purpose other than unnecessary litigation for things that AREN’T piracy?

Our country and government has the stupidest, most asinine priorities imaginable.

The thing is… yeah, Youtube has not blocked anything, and Youtube hasn’t really done anything to my account… that’s cool and all, and whatever, right?

But that’s not the thing that kind of bothers me. It’s like more of that NSA “we’re watching you” shit. Like it’s some kind of over-dramatic crosshairs pointed on my channel just in case cover songs suddenly DO become illegal within the next week or so, and they can suddenly launch their copyright nuke as soon as they get the word or something. >_>

It’s the mentality that bothers me. Like they just did that obnoxious thing where they point at their eyes and then point at you, as if to say “watching you, bitch, yeah that’s right.”

Seriously though, you guys. Bravo. Hats off. I would love to be a fly on the wall during this meeting where someone actually said “Oh yeah, we’ve got terrorists, domestic and abroad to worry about, but… what I really think we’re going to need to spend our budget on, is.. detection software installed on websites that can detect 8-Bit cover songs done by some random nobody just to let them know that we know that it actually comes from some anime show. No other reason. Just so that completely theoretical person who may or may not exist, knows that we know.”



By the way, before doing the Dragonball Z NES mix… I was working on an Excel Saga mix, yesterday, that basically had one disaster after another happen to it.

It was finally shaping up well, after about 4-5 hours of messing with it, and I was almost ready to save it after a few tweaks, but the program crashed, while I was putting on the finishing touches. I didn’t save my progress enough, and I had just finished remaking a substantial portion of it about 2 hours before it crashed, and I did not feel like doing all that over again, so I aborted it. I will probably come back to it, sometime, I don’t know when.

Yesterday’s Experiment……………………….. Failed.

Strawberry Youtube Remix Frozen Yogurt


Cake For You

A Slayers opening theme ‘Get Along’ NES 8-Bit Mix because yeah cool whatever.

Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu MOTHER-ish Remix Thing

I was bored. This is what happened.

Started messing with some soundfonts because why not? Trying something just a little different… I sometimes used to mess with the Synthfont program to make remixes of songs using Sound Fonts from retro video game instrument libraries. So, I put together a mix from the opening of one of my favorite anime series The Slayers’s second season Slayers Next, in the style of Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars. This is what came from working on that.